Billie G. Jeansonne Endowed Scholarship in Endodontics

The Billie G. Jeansonne Endowed Scholarship is an annual scholarship available to each 2nd-year resident (nonpaid) providing they are in good academic standing in the department with regard to all didactic, clinical, and research courses/activities. The scholarships are intended to offset rising tuition costs and increasing student debt. The scholarship may also be used to enhance the educational experience for residents by supporting travel to appropriate national or regional meetings and research symposiums where the residents are presenting research or clinical cases at the request of the department head or program director. Students must maintain a “B” (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) overall grade point average at the end of each grading period. An average below 3.0 places the student on academic probation and makes them ineligible for consideration for the scholarship. Students must also maintain at least an overall “B” average for all endodontic departmental coursework. An “A” or “B” grade must be earned in each course in the student’s department of study. A grade of “C” in a departmental course will make the resident ineligible for the scholarship.

School of Dentistry