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The LSU Health Foundation New Orleans fundraises to provide numerous scholarships each academic year for our students, made possible by our donor’s generosity. Foundation scholarships are independent of scholarships offered by LSU Health and are applied for only on this site.

Foundation scholarship applications are reviewed by their corresponding school’s scholarship committee on a blind basis to eliminate bias. Please do not include your name, nickname, or any moniker in your application that would reveal your identity, except for where it is specifically requested.

Below, you will find a listing of foundation scholarships available to students at this time. To be considered for any of these scholarships, students must complete their application(s) in this system. Apply for foundation scholarships by clicking “Sign In” at the top right corner of this page. This will direct you to the login screen where you can use your LSU Health credentials to access and complete the General Application as well as any supplemental scholarship applications that may be recommended for you. It is the student’s responsibility to check back frequently for additional scholarship opportunities that may become available. If students have questions concerning these awards, they should contact the LSU Health Foundation at

You may see the following terms used throughout the application process:

General Application: This term refers to your foundation scholarship General Application only and is not to be confused with a general application for admissions into LSU Health or the Common App.

Award: This is the dollar amount stated per award and is for general information purposes and not a guarantee of what a student may receive if awarded. Actual award amounts can vary in relationship to fund availability.

Deadline: The dates provided by which students should complete the scholarship General Application, any supplemental applications, or any individual instructions to receive consideration. Applications received following a deadline will not be considered for award.

Actions: Upon completion of the General Application and any supplemental applications, you will be auto-matched with scholarships for which you meet the criteria. These scholarships indicate “None” under the “Action” section of your personal scholarship dashboard and require no additional information for your consideration. Scholarships that indicate “Apply” under the “Action” section require further information for consideration. A list of your recommended scholarships can be found upon completion of your General Application by selecting Recommended Opportunities from the Opportunities tab.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$500.00 Arda W. Northup, RN Memorial Scholarship
Established by Ron Northup in honor of his mother Arda W. Northup, R.N,...
$500.00 Donielle "Doni" Doucette Memorial Scholarship
The Donielle “Doni” Doucette Memorial Scholarship supports...
$500.00 Laura Ryan Scholarship
The Laura Ryan Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Mr. William...
$500.00 Lori E. Norton Scholarship
Family and friends of Lori Norton established the Lori E. Norton...
$500.00 Nursing Alumni of LSUHSC Scholarship
Established in October of 1998, The Nursing Alumni of LSUHSC Scholarship...
$500.00 Nursing School Scholarship
The Nursing School Scholarship was established in 1993 with a generous...